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Do I need a professional help
to register my trademark?

Comprehensive trademark protection is not as easy as it seems. One must build a wall of defense around his or her mark so that no one gets to get around and dilute it with mere offshoots of the mark to be registered.

Trademark characters such as colors, style, and the meaning of a mark, and in what class or classes should the mark be registered in, are just some of the things to consider.

While one may register a trademark himself, expert help is still necessary. In fact, most businesspersons, who applied their trademarks for registration on their own, wonder why certain trademarks were allowed registration when the said marks were similar to theirs.

This emphasizes the need for a proper approach on how to protect a mark.

The trademark registration process is not as simple as getting a registration form, filling it in, and then submitting it to the Intellectual Property Office - there are "Official Actions" to answer and constant monitoring of the application must be done. In the end, it is much wiser to seek professional help in registering trademarks because an inadequately protected mark is as good as not registered.

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