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Iprotect Affiliate SERVICES

Through affiliates offices, the firm provides the following legal services:

Corporate and Tax Law Practice


  1. Drafting and review of investors, join-venture or shareholders agreements and other pre-incorporation instruments
  2. Incorporation of company or registration of business or office, including amendments and approval of the amendments thereof
  3. General government compliance for the operation of businesses
  4. Amendment of registration


  1. Tax compliance and tax planning for local and multinational companies, including diagnostic evaluation with end in view of installing tax saving measures and corrective actions
  2. Tax due diligence for mergers, acquisitions and consolidations to surface tax exposure
  3. Tax treaty and impact advice pertaining to contracts, reorganization plans
  4. Representation in tax disputes, controversies and advocacy

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Immigration Law Practice

General immigration services for expatriates of multi-national companies in the Philippines, including

  1. Procurement of work permit from the Department of Labor and Employment
  2. Obtaining and renewing work visas and special work permits
  3. Representation and advice in dual citizenship petitions, recognition petitions, deportation or hold departure cases, blacklist lifting
  4. Obtaining immigrant visa and alien registrations with various Government agencies (including the Department of Justice, Philippine Export Zone Authority, Bureau Of Investments)

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Natural Resources (Mining, Forestry, land & Environment) Law Practice


  1. Preparation of Environmental Impact Documents (EIDs) and conduct of the necessary/ incidental study/ research therein, for the issuance of an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC):

    • Environmental Impact Assessment- for critical projects (eg; mining) & projects in critical areas
    • Initial Environmental Examination (checklist & regular)
    • Environmental Performance Report & Management Plan
    • Programmatic Environmental Performance Report & Management Plan

  2. Preparation of documents required to secure a Certificate of Non Coverage (CNC) for non Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) -covered projects- eg; mining activities conducted before 1982

  3. Preparation of Engineer's Report or like documents and conduct of the necessary study/research, for mining related activities causing pollution, which requires the issuance of:

    1. Permit to Operate Air Pollution Sources and Control Facilities (eg; power plants)
    2. Permit to Discharge Wastewater ( eg; tailings)
    3. Hazardous Waste Accreditation (as Transporter, Generator, or Treater ) - of tailings, used oil , and the like

  4. Preparation of Solid Waste Management Plans (SWMPs), within the mining premises, as required under RA 9003, the Ecological Solid Waste Act

  5. Design of :
    1. pollution control/management systems (air, water, & land pollution)
    2. sanitary landfills
    3. material recovery facilities

  6. Prepare/conduct information, education, communications, training, and monitoring programs regarding mining activities and the corresponding environmental programs

  7. Preparation/conduct/gathering/study on mining areas and their other impact areas , for Baseline Information/Profile ; such as chemical concentration ( on air, water, & land ), general pollution parameters, flora/fauna, and the like

  8. Conduct of environmental audit of mining activities

  9. Conduct of environmental clean-up operations (For the DENR-Mines and Geo Sciences Bureau requirements)

  10. Preparation and securing the approval of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programs (annual & life EPEPs) & Environmental Work Programs (EWPs) for mining areas

  11. Preparation of documents necessary for the issuance of Operating Permits and Sanitary Permits, if necessary

  12. General environmental services

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  1. Conducts studies/research and collates/prepares documents /necessary for the issuance/approval by:

    1. DENR-Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau (MGB) of :
      Mineral Agreements (include Mineral Production Sharing Agreements, Joint-Venture Agreements, Co-production Agreement, & Financial and Technical Assistance Agreement), Exploration Permits, Mining Permits, Mineral Processing Permits , and Social Development Management Program

    2. DENR-Forest Management Bureau (FMB) of :
      1. Other Lawful Purpose Permits (OLPs) , if pier area is classified as timberland
      2. Other lumber/timber utilization permits , if there is a need to use timber in mining operations

    3. DENR-Protected Areas & Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) of :
      Memorandum of Agreements (or equivalent tenurial instruments), if there are mining related activities in protected areas

    4. DENR- Land Management Bureau (LMB) of :
      Foreshore lease agreements, approved land surveys, general documentations, patents, for lands used in mining activities

    5. Other government agencies (eg; Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board) of Permits/clearances/certifications and the like, for other mining-related activities
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