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Philippine Patent, Copyright & Trademark Lawyers


IPROTECT Strategic Profile

Our Enabling Strategy
We aim to serve entrepreneurs in the knowledge economy who value the protection of their intellectual assets, first and foremost, in the Philippines, secondly, throughout Asia and, thirdly, around the world.

We serve with genuine concern for the rights of intellectual property owners, zealously protecting their rights in registration and enforcement, and we aim to satisfy every client or partner we serve so that they will speak highly of us.

Our Competitive Strategy
Our nimble organization allows us to be a cost-effective alternative to bigger law firms while providing better quality and more personalized service to clients and partners.

Our Organizational Strategy
We are online 24 hours, 7 days a week, and our organization stretches to outside networks, partnerships, and regional alliances.



Our mission is to provide comprehensive, professional, and high value-adding intellectual property services in the field of trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, and copyrights.

Our core competence extends beyond the prosecution of applications for intellectual property registrations. Our strength includes intellectual property rights enforcement and litigation.


Our vision is to become a premier intellectual property law firm with regional and global alliances and partnerships involving intellectual property institutions, professionals, and associations worldwide.



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