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IP CODE - Republic Act No 8293

An act prescribing the intellectual property code and establishing the intellectual property office, providing for its powers and functions, and for other purposes



Outline of the
Intellectual Property Code
(Republic Act No 8293)

1 Protected Works
2 Excluded Works
3 Territorial Coverage
of Copyrights
4 Scope of Copyright Protection
5 Ownership of Copyright
6 Transfer of Assignment
of Copyright
7 Limitations on Copyright
8 Length of
Copyright Protection
9 Copyright Enforcement
10 Penalties for Infringement
11 International Registration
of Works
12 Border Control

RIGHTS OF ASSIGNEE. The copyright may be assigned in whole or in part. Within the scope of the assignment, the assignee is entitled to all the rights and remedies which the assignor had with respect to the copyright. (SECTION 180.1)

The copyright is not deemed assigned inter vivos in whole or in part unless there is a written indication of such intention. (SECTION180.2)

The submission of a literary, photographic or artistic work to a newspaper, magazine or periodical for publication shall constitute only a license to make a single publication unless a greater right is expressly granted. If two (2) or more persons jointly own a copyright or any part thereof, neither of the owners shall be entitled to grant licenses without the prior written consent of the other owner or owners. (SECTION180.3) (Sec. 15, P.D. No. 49a)

PUBLISHED EDITION OF WORK. In addition to the right to publish granted by the author, his heirs, or assigns, the publisher shall have a copyright consisting merely of the right of reproduction of the typographical arrangement of the published edition of the work. (SECTION 174)

Filing of Assignment or License. — An assignment or exclusive license may be filed in duplicate with the National Library upon payment of the prescribed fee for registration in books and records kept for the purpose. Upon recording, a copy of the instrument shall be returned to the sender with a notation of the fact of record. Notice of the record shall be published in the IPO Gazette. (SECTION 182) (Sec. 19, P.D. No. 49a)

ASSIGNMENT TO A COLLECTING SOCIETY. The copyright owners or their heirs may designate a society of artists, writers or composers to enforce their economic rights and moral rights on their behalf. (SECTION 183) (Sec. 32, P.D. No. 49a)

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