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IP CODE - Republic Act No 8293

An act prescribing the intellectual property code and establishing the intellectual property office, providing for its powers and functions, and for other purposes



Outline of the
Intellectual Property Code
(Republic Act No 8293)

1 Protected Works
2 Excluded Works
3 Territorial Coverage
of Copyrights
4 Scope of Copyright Protection
5 Ownership of Copyright
6 Transfer of Assignment
of Copyright
7 Limitations on Copyright
8 Length of
Copyright Protection
9 Copyright Enforcement
10 Penalties for Infringement
11 International Registration
of Works
12 Border Control

COVERAGE: The protection afforded by this Act to copyrightable works under Sections 172 and 173 shall apply to:

  1. Works of authors who are nationals of, or have their habitual residence in, the Philippines;
  2. Audio-visual works the producer of which has his headquarters or habitual residence in the Philippines;
  3. Works of architecture erected in the Philippines or other artistic works incorporated in a building or other structure located in the Philippines;
  4. Works first published in the Philippines; and
  5. Works first published in another country but also published in the Philippines within thirty days, irrespective of the nationality or residence of the authors. (SECTION 221.1)

The provisions of this Act shall also apply to works that are to be protected by virtue of and in accordance with any international convention or other international agreement to which the Philippines is a party. (n) SECTION 221.2.

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